Spring Workshops 2020

Here are the overviews of the workshops we have for this year
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Aspire are excited to be promoting our newly redeveloped online learning and support platform at the Barry Bennett Spring Workshops.

The workshops will provide delegates with an overview of the platform which has been designed to provide students with effective strategies in education through to employment. We will demonstrate its dynamic and intuitive content which can be tailored and personalised to each student based upon:
  1. Disability
  2. Course and campus of study
  3. Preferred learning style
  4. Recommended assistive technology
The platform provides students with effective learning and support strategies across four main pillars of support:
  1. Study skills
  2. Assistive technology and software
  3. Mental health and wellbeing
  4. Career related employability skills

During the demonstration, Dominic (Aspire Sales Manager) will be joined by DSA student Kylie Nicole. Kylie has been using the platform for around 3 months and she will be answering questions and detailing her experience of using Aspire.

Kylie says “I would recommend Aspire, to all disabled students. It’s such a valuable tool and will be such a help to students. I’ve already learnt so much more to support my learning. Over the past few weeks I have found it invaluable to have with me. It has helped me to build my confidence and techniques to improve my studying. I can’t praise it enough.

Hearing impairment - from Barry Bennett

Hosted by Dan Wilson from Barry Bennett, this workshop session will provide delegates with a greater understanding of some of the challenges faced by hearing impaired learners. It will also focus on the latest hearing aids, hearing aid accessories and assistive listening devices available to support students in a range of different study environments.

In relation to hearing impairment technology, there are many technical considerations to be made when specifying equipment for hearing aid users. At Barry Bennett, we believe that students deserve the opportunity to trial any assistive technology being recommended, through provision of ‘hands-on’ technology assessments. These should provide dedicated time to explore the technology in the environment where it will be used; therefore guaranteeing suitability and compatibility with existing equipment. By working closely alongside assessment centres, we can ensure that students receive an individualised service that will equip them with the most appropriate solution for the duration of their studies.

For those delegates that have previously attended our hearing impairment workshops, this session will aim to build on existing knowledge and provide an example case study from a DSA funded student.

Ergonomics Workshop - from Barry Bennett

This workshop will focus on proactive ergonomics and ways in which students can be encouraged to work healthier and more actively in their working environment. Through the provision of ergonomic assessments, each student’s individual needs can be considered. In today's professional world, with the prominence of agile and remote working, ergonomics is more important than ever. And in this digital era of ours, students are working with devices as their primary mode of communication such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Challenges arise due prolonged periods spend working in awkward postures and in various locations.

So what can we do? In this seminar, we'll educate you on how to get your bodies into neutral postures in different locations, alongside what tools you can use to support your working environment.

Apple technology - accessible to everyone

The most powerful technology in the world is technology that everyone, including people with disabilities, can use. Apple believe that technology should be accessible to everyone, which is why every Apple product has powerful and easy to use accessibility built in.

This workshop from GBM will look at how this is achieved, focusing on how accessibility on Apple devices enables students with disabilities including vision, hearing, or motor skills to access all the functionality of their device.

GBM are an Apple Solution Expert for Education, providing training and support to meet all your accessibility requirements.

Claro Software - New Tech That People Will Actually Use!

We have some super-exciting new features and products for you, including the all-new Writing Helper to help you get your essays and dissertations referenced and structured without stress, a new ClaroCapture with better capturing from PDF, completely reinvented homophone checking, ClaroView with new True Black screen tinting, Dragon Professional tamed with ClaroRead integration so you don’t have to juggle two toolbars, and new Apps and Chromebook software to give you help wherever you are.

Come see how we want to help you really make a difference to students with technology – or tell us where we are going wrong.

Global Tasks

A good task management system is a vital tool for all students. Many mainstream solutions present tasks in long lists, which can be hard to digest for students with dyslexia or mental health issues. Factors such as reduced working memory, inability to focus or identify the important tasks make long task lists impenetrable.

Staying on top of busy workloads and deadlines is hard enough as it is. Without a suitable tool it’s a real challenge, and if you’re already stressed out, losing motivation and lacking self-confidence, that’s probably the last thing you need.

Global Tasks is specifically designed for students with dyslexia and mental health issues, to emphasise visual elements and break down longs lists into an intuitive Overview.

Glean by Sonocent - New Web Based Note Taking Solution

The minds behind Audio Notetaker are delighted to introduce Sonocent’s new web app Glean; a new addition to its product range aimed at students who are looking for a simple web based note taking solution.

In this seminar, we will introduce Glean and how its clean accessible workspace creates a distraction-free, stress-free process to help students focus in the moment and then later organise and utilise information to create meaningful notes. It’s a simple solution for students’ note-taking needs: get started in 2 minutes, then work online and offline anywhere at anytime.


How can FindMyFlow help those students with mental health issues?
Whether it’s the impact of living away from home, or the stress and isolation caused by long hours of study, students can be vulnerable to anxiety and depression.

This seminar will explore how FindMyFlow, the Online and On-Demand AT resource, can help to increase focus and reduce stress. Along with tutorials and tools covering AT software and study skills, FindMyFlow offers great wellbeing content as well as complimentary access to Calm, the world’s # 1 meditation app.

We will look at how the inclusion of these areas has aided the users of FindMyFlow and share information and insights that will benefit the wider assessment community.

Inspiration 9

The simple and fast diagramming and mind mapping tool for students with SpLDs and Anxiety
Learn how the simplicity of Inspiration and its highly visual approach is helping students with SpLDs and anxiety to succeed; for planning and organising, communicating ideas, making visual notes, academic writing, revision and creating presentations.

Students quickly capture and develop their ideas graphically, kick start the writing process by adding notes and outlining; then either transfer their work to Word or PowerPoint.

A popular recommendation within DSA and a go-to-favourite for many colleges and universities, Inspiration has many built-in accessibility features such as the rapid fire tool, large symbols library, text-to-speech, talking interface, audio notes, highly customisable interface and more!

KAZ Type Limited – Multiple Academic Award’s Finalist

KAZ’s specialised Neurodiverse Touch Typing Software was developed with advice and guidance from the Dyslexia Research Trust.

Using a unique and proven Accelerated Teaching method, it teaches typing skills, whilst minimising visual disturbances by means of a unique ‘preference screen’ – tailoring the course for maximum visibility comfort.

It is suitable for students with dyslexia, dyspraxia, dysgraphia, ADHD, ASD, Tourette’s, amongst others.
The KAZ presentation will:

  • Demonstrate how the course works
  • Highlight how the skill of touch typing can help meet the challenges faced by neurodivergent individuals
  • Explain how the skill can offer neurodivergent students a new and powerful medium for learning and communicating

The edition has proven so effective that it was shortlisted as a finalist for several academic awards: BETT 2019, Teach Primary 2019 and Teach Secondary 2019.


Join Rich and Ed to learn all about the newest features of Medincle due for release in late January 2020! Medincle has grown massively in popularity and continue to receive great feedback from students and professionals, as a brilliant way to support those with some of the challenges unique to the health and life science.

Medincle are aware that students in these courses still come up against a number of barriers often confounded by their disability, and our team are eager to keep innovating to create effective solutions. Come along and join our interactive workshop and learn about our exciting new releases including Text to Speech features, and our new dictation integrations. Most importantly be a part of our plans for future development of student support tools. We look forward to seeing you there.

MindView 7 Assistive Technology Edition

MindView AT has been designed to help visual thinkers create impressive written assignments and presentations. The smooth transition from a Mind-Map to Word and PowerPoint means students can make powerful, formatted documents ready for assessment.

The added Assistive Technology software functionality, including Text to Speech, Dragon Integration, Predictive Text and Audio notes make MindView AT the industry leader in mind mapping for assistive purposes.

During this engaging workshop we will look at the applications of MindView as an Assistive Technology Tool for both the Academic and Professional environments. We’ll explore how to organise ideas in a visual way, customise Mind Maps, export to MS Word and PowerPoint, and add Citations.

‘MindView AT was accredited by the DAC to ensure best user experience for users with disabilities in line with WCAG 2.0 Accessibility Standards. MindView was also tested to work with Dragon, Jaws, ZoomText and TextHelp. We are delighted by the commitment shown by MatchWare to produce a truly accessible Mind Mapping Software.’ Gavin Evans – Director of Operations, Digital Accessibility Centre

Notetaking express

“Using AI to provide alternative learning strategies for students”
We will demonstrate how our new learning platform is evolving and some innovative new ways of supporting the student learning experience.


Dragon Professional Individual is a speech recognition solution which can be recommended to support a wide range of disabilities and long-term health conditions.

In this seminar we will be highlighting the specific areas where Dragon Professional Individual can be recommended to support a wide range of users, and the benefits of both dictation and computer control, and how the productivity benefits can to a degree mitigate additional time and energy requirements. For the purposes of this session we will focus on:

• Specific Learning Difficulties (such as Dyslexia)
• Anxiety and Depression
• Physical Conditions
• Visual Impairment
We will further explore these specific areas and topics and there will be a chance to share your thoughts with like-minded professionals from the sector.

All attendees are eligible for their own licence of Dragon and will also receive their own copy of the Recommendation Guide.


“Olympus have been supplying digital voice recorders into the Assistive Technology market for many years, with 1000’s of users benefiting from the great features and technology that our range of DM recorders has to offer.

In combination with the Advanced Version of our Olympus Sonority Software “Audio Notebook” users can use the digital voice recorder (DVR) as a daily helper in university and on placements.

In this webinar we will be looking at how and why the DVR is still a commonly recommended item under DSA and how SFE view this. We will also be looking at the DVR itself and how Sonority Notebook works.

All attendees will also be eligible for free licences of the software and will also be provided with a DVR recommendation guide.

Present Pal

Present Pal is a presentation support software which supports disabled students in over 100 universities across the UK. The software works like a set of accessible flashcards and also allows the student to control their PowerPoint due to the PowerPoint integration.

After struggling with presentations as a student with dyslexia, founder Chris realised that 86% of disabled students had the same challenges he faced and decided to make Present Pal to try and give himself and his fellow disabled students a level playing field to their class mates.

Despite initially being made for presenters with dyslexia, due to its inclusive design Present Pal has been proven to help users with mental health challenges, anxiety, autism, ADHD amongst others and help deliver more confident presentations.

Come and see Luke and our brand new Present Pal V2.0!


Pro-Study is the essential, innovative study tool that collects and organises your research, text, graphs and images in a single click and stores it all in a dedicated database that is easily accessible.

This seminar will take you through how Pro-Study can reduce the stress of collecting valuable information and referencing as part of the student’s course and studies. We will look at how simple it is to collect information from different sources and how the varied reference styles mean students can always be assured that the information they are storing is relevant and referenced, thereby minimising stress and anxiety.


Since 1988, Spellex has been a leader in British Assistive Technology Solutions by equipping learning-disabled students with the tools that can make the difference between success or failure in the classroom. By using the right Spellex solution, students can improve their writing skills, reading comprehension, and self-confidence. They can reduce errors, perform at higher rates, and compete at an even level with typical or non-disabled students.

Our superior products, innovation, and total quality commitment have kept Spellex in the forefront of the British Assistive Technology field for 30 years.

Our presentation will cover the full line of the Spellex DSA products that provide basic literacy assistance for students and professionals. Spellex is designed for all students with dyslexia and other communication challenges and is especially useful in the fields of nursing, medicine, science, law, and other fields requiring knowledge of special terminology.

Spellex features include speech-to-text, text-to-speech, word definitions and pronunciations, advanced British spelling and error reporting, a magnifying reading ruler, a dyslexic-readable font, and custom colour management for better readability. Spellex integrates easily with Microsoft Office and Dragon.

Please note - This workshop is at the Bolton event only


Support technologies for an inclusive higher education experience
Join us to learn about the latest updates to Texthelp’s literacy and STEM support tools for DSA students. This session will explore the new facelift of EquatIO®, which has even more accessibility features added that are particularly beneficial for those students requiring screen readers. The update also includes the ability for students to add text and colours to their maths or chemical formulas.

The session will also cover the latest updates to the Read&Write toolbar and attendees will have the opportunity to take part in a live feedback session to shape what’s next in Read&Write for DSA students.


Word prediction, auto correction or spell checker? Which is the right solution for your student?
In this workshop we will discuss the available solutions for students who would benefit from support in writing, spelling and grammar.
Oribi VeritySpell assists in the production of written work by providing support without interference and distraction, enabling your students to check and correct their documents and learn.
So why recommend Oribi VeritySpell?
• Non-intrusive, so no distractions from the writing process
• Learns as you do, add or remove words that need more or less attention
• Discreet solution that works within your favourite word processing packages
• Perpetual licence, so no need to re-apply for funding for additional years
• Works locally, safeguarding your work from plagiarism or intellectual property issues
• No internet connection required
• Cost effective solution
To find out more, receive your complimentary Assessor licence, and a copy of our Recommendation Guide – just register for this workshop!