DSA insurance with Barry Bennett

DSA insurance with Barry Bennett


The policy covers all of the hardware supplied and include all of the following benefits and exclusions:

  • Zero excess policy
  • Accidental damage, fire theft and malicious damage
  • Full reinstatement of all hardware and software to at least the standard originally supplied
  • Must not be limited to a single claim
  • Worldwide cover can be provided, if requested
Permitted exclusions
Exclusions include: Theft from unlocked / unsecured premises or vehicles, if an item is lost or misplaced and cosmetic damage.

Barry Bennett will reinstate software from the original license or an equivalent if the original software is no longer compatible.

If your machine is physically damaged and you have been awarded insurance, please do not be afraid to let us know as this will speed up the claim process.

For further information please refer to your 'insurance policy' document which is situated on the desktop of your machine. To request a hard copy of the document please email info@barrybennett.co.uk

For all insurance claims, please call Burnett & Associates Ltd on 0844 576 2265 / 0333 999 7902 or email claims@burnett.co.uk and ask for the claims department. You will need to confirm your name and the address to which the machine was delivered. They will then issue you with a claim number, send you a claim form and advise you on the next steps in the process.

If any of the equipment provided by Barry Bennett is received damaged, please ensure you contact us on 01204 534 311 within 3 working days as claims outside this period cannot be processed.

Once your claim has been accepted, the insurance company with inform Barry Bennett and a member of the technical support team will contact you to arrange collection of the damaged items so that an assessment report and quotation for repair/replacement can be forwarded to the Insurance company for their approval. Once approval has been received from the insurance company the parts/replacement will be ordered and the repair/replacement will be completed and returned back to you as soon as possible.

Third party insurance for students
If you have chosen to purchase your computer from a third party, or already have an existing machine which you wish to use with your DSA equipment, you will be required to purchase your own insurance. We have been working closely with our insurance partner, Burnets, and have jointly developed a scheme whereby you can obtain an extremely competitive quotation for Insurance and Warranty if you would like to do so. Click third party insurance for students for more information.