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At Barry Bennett Ltd we provide a one-stop-shop for your University apprenticeship/research council/international students who require needs assessments, assistive technology, assistive technology training, ergonomic or technical assessments and/or Non-Medical help support. The services we offer are detailed below and if you would like to discuss any element in further detail, or to request a quotation, please complete our simple form and a member of the team will get back to you.

Needs Assessments

Needs assessments

Our team of experienced assessors can provide holistic needs assessments for your apprenticeship / international / Research Council funded students. We will discuss barriers experienced at university/college and make recommendations for assistive technologies and other strategies to enable your students to work productively and comfortably and reach their full potential.

Assessments are carried out remotely or face to face as required. We will gather background information ahead of the assessment and then discuss in further detail with the student during the assessment. We will demonstrate software and equipment and discuss the right adjustments to support them at university/college. A full report will be provided to you detailing our discussion along with any recommendations being made.

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Assistive technology

As the leading supplier of DSA equipment since 1994, we are perfectly placed to assist your students requiring assistive technology to help with their studies. We provide an extensive selection of DSA approved software, hardware and ergonomic equipment with hundreds of options available at competitive prices. Click here to browse our range of products by category.

On receipt of a purchase order, orders are processed within 2 working days and the student will then be contacted directly to arrange delivery. Delivery is guaranteed within 5-10 working days from the point of finalising your students’ order with delivery options such as carrier only, carrier delivery with remote familiarisation or face-to-face delivery, set up and familiarisation.

Should something go wrong with the equipment, our friendly technical support team are on hand to help with queries, no matter how big or small. We also provide DSA insurance via our provider Specialty Risks which covers all of the hardware supplied to your students and includes the following benefits:

  • Zero excess policy
  • Accidental damage, fire damage, liquid damage, malicious damage and theft
  • Full reinstatement of all hardware and software to at least the standard originally supplied
  • No claims limit
  • Cover in transit
  • Worldwide cover

Assistive technology training

Our dedicated team of trainers are all DBS checked and specialise in working with students with visual and hearing impairments, learning difficulties, physical disabilities and mental health issues. Where necessary we can provide chaperones, female only trainers, carer support training and translators for hearing impaired students.

Training sessions can be carried out face-to-face at your students’ accommodation, on campus or alternatively, remotely via a broadband internet connection.

With one of the largest and most experienced AT remote training teams in the UK, we are able to provide a customer tailored service that is perfectly placed to train and support students in their requested environment at a time to suite them. Our remote training service is available 7 days a week including evenings.

All our trainers are DBS checked and either certified as, or working towards, Edexcel Level 3 Award in Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (QCF), or equivalent.

Assistive technology training

Technical assessments

We provide a range of technical assessment services for students, covering all specialist technology requirements for hearing and visual impairments. Our assessors have many years of combined experience and undertake annual supplier-led accreditations in their respective fields.

We recognise the value of an in-person demonstration where the student is fully involved in exploring all the possibilities, from finding the right handheld magnifier to improving their listening experience in a lecture theatre. Our aim is to give students back their independence and improve their learning experience through cumulative adjustments.

Following the face-to-face appointment, our assessor will compile a full written report highlighting any issues identified, including practical changes and fully justified recommendations for any specialist equipment. Assessments are carried out within 2 weeks of referral and reports/quotations will be provided within 2-3 working days of the appointment.

Ergonomic assessments

Ergonomic assessments

We understand the impact that good ergonomic chairs and accessories can have on wellbeing and productivity, and the process of choosing the right chair for the needs of your students.

The ergonomic assessment itself looks holistically at the student's working environment to provide additional ergonomic support where necessary.

Samples of the equipment including a selection of 2-3 chairs along with keyboards, mice and document holders are used during the assessment to ensure correct fitting and suitability. The type, style & features of the chair will depend on the information received in our simple assessment request form to ensure they are appropriate. In addition to disability and current issues, we also take into consideration the body shape and weight of the student.

Following the assessment, our assessor will compile a full written report highlighting any issues identified, suitable adaptations and products to improve the workspace. The report contains background information, current working environment issues along with images of the equipment being used and any product recommendations.

Description Price (Ex VAT)
AT Training  (hourly rate) £50.00
JAWS Training (remote) - 3 hrs £250.00
JAWS Training (in person) - 3 hrs £350.00
Zoomtext / Supernova - 3 hrs F2F £250.00
Non-DSA Assessment of Need (face to face) £250.00
Non-DSA Assessment of Need (online) £175.00
Ergonomic Workstation Assessment FOC
Technical Assessment HI FOC
Technical Assessment VI FOC
Specialist Mentor - Mental Health Difficulties (MH) £51.90
Specialist Mentor - Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC) £51.90
Specialist one-to-one Study Skills and Strategy Support - Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) £51.90
Specialist one-to-one Study Skills and Strategy Support - Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC) £51.90

Non-Medical help services

We supply the full range of specialist and non-specialist support across bands 1 - 4. Our highly experienced teams are fully qualified in their fields of expertise and must successfully complete our robust recruitment and onboarding processes before joining our team.

We are successfully continuing to expand our provision of Band 4 NMH support throughout the whole of the UK meaning we can offer a fully national provision. We have continued to provide support throughout the pandemic ensuring our students achieve their potential and where in-person support is required we recruit in those specific areas to ensure we meet the needs of our students and partners.

To deliver our exceptional service we utilise our state-of-the-art CUDOS system which simplifies administrative tasks and helps manage all aspects of NMH provision. A license for universities is available.

Our NMH charge rates are not fixed and are open to negotiation.

Non-medical help support

Our locations

Based at our HQ in Bolton, and with forward stock locations throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, we are fully operational throughout the UK.

We have over 400 staff, including a nationwide team of fully trained installation technicians, qualified assessors, certified trainers and service support technicians, ensuring we provide a quick, efficient service whatever the requirement.

Our dedicated team of trainers are all DBS checked and specialise in working with students with disabilities.

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