Important Information



Computer warranty agreement

Click here for a full breakdown of our DSA Warranty information and cover details.

Our service to you

We offer the highest levels of customer service from the point of receiving a your order, through to aftercare for the duration of your course.

Environment policy

Our promise to ensure that the environmental impacts of our activities, products and services are identified, managed and reduced where possible.

Quality assurance framework (QAF)

An explanation of the DSA-QAG (Disabled Student Allowance Quality Assurance Group) which provides a quality assurance service for one-stop-shop suppliers.

Data protection policy

At Barry Bennett we are committed to ensuring that your information is secure - please check this page to familiarise yourself with our data protection policy.

Complaints procedure

We take complaints very seriously and all complaints will be handled in an efficient, professional and non-confrontational manner. Please follow this link to view our complaints procedure.