Quality assurance framework (QAF)

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Quality assurance framework (QAF)

DSA-QAG (the Disabled Student Allowance Quality Assurance Group) provides a quality assurance service for one-stop-shop suppliers involved in the delivery of equipment and the provision of technical support under the Disabled Student Allowance (DSA) in England and Wales.

This one-stop-shop Quality Assurance Framework covers equipment supplied under the Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA), managed by funding bodies (including local authorities, the Student Loans Company, NHS and the open university) and funded by the Department Business Innovation & Skills, (BIS).

In this document "one-stops-shop supplier" means a supplier of complete computer systems, software, peripherals, installation, familiarisation and technical support who has:

The main focus for one-stop-shop suppliers is providing a quality service to the student. To this end, all one-stop-shop suppliers are expected to comply with the service standards listed in this document:

Suppliers will be audited on a regular 12- 18 monthly interval. If a supplier sub-contracts out to any 3rd party then the responsibility for adhering to the QAF process regarding 3rd parties sub-contracted by suppliers is the supplier's responsibility. If the supplier does not have adequate evidence to support the QAF is being followed by the 3rd party, a mini audit of the 3rd party may be required at the supplier's expense.

The range of application
Any equipment supplied under the DSA scheme is for the purpose defined during the student's needs assessment and is to support the student's study needs arising from the effects of their disability on their ability to study.

One-stop solution for all system-related items
The one-stop-shop supplier, as far as reasonably practicable, will be responsible for sourcing all items of equipment (other than furniture) approved by the funding body under the DSA. The supplier will assemble the equipment in a compatible system and deliver it to the student. Thereafter, the supplier will take responsibility for the performance of all items in accordance with this document.

The one-stop-shop supplier will collaborate with associate specialist suppliers where this is helpful to the student and where it is reasonably practicable.

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