Computer warranty agreement

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Computer warranty agreement

  1. System Warranty
    If at any time during the warranty period, the computer equipment(s) listed overleaf ("the machine (2))" shall become defective in operation Barry Bennett Ltd shall, at our expense repair the equipment and restore it to its pre-delivery state, including where necessary the provision of replacement parts and reloading all the software bought with the equipment and listed overleaf.

  2. Business Hours
    Barry Bennett Ltd shall arrange, during business hours (9am – 5.30pm, Monday to Thursday 9am – 5pm Friday), at any times convenient to both parties for the equipment to be repaired. You will need to report the fault to Barry Bennett Ltd. It will be necessary for you to speak to an engineer who will take the call and ascertain from your description of the problem whether this is covered by the warranty agreement (see paragraph 5), and arrange a repair call. It will be necessary to be adjacent to the equipment in order to accurately relate a description of the problem when it will also be possible to resolve (at our discretion) any issues not covered by this warranty agreement and for which a charge would normally be made (see paragraph 5).

  3. Place of Service
    Service will be carried out to the equipment only at the address(es) shown overleaf subject to any agreement by the parties to the contrary.

  4. Workshop Repair
    The customer will allow Barry Bennett Ltd, at our own discretion, to remove the machine for a workshop repair where in the opinion of the engineer is necessary; the equipment will be returned only to any UK address, Monday – Friday.

  5. Customers Responsibility
    It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the equipment supplied is kept in a clean and suitable state. The customer is responsible for the update of all virus definitions and has a responsibility to ensure all software installed on the system is compatible with the supplied system. Any upgrades to a new Windows or Apple operating system with which existing assistive software isn't compatible, could result in a chargeable repair.

  6. Warranty Limitations and Exclusions
    All repairs necessitated other than electro-mechanical faults, calls to the machine where the services of a computer engineer prove to be unnecessary, software problems caused by the operator due to misuse or ignorance, accidental or malicious damage, are chargeable to the customer at the standard rate at the time the fault is reported. Whilst we would endeavour to provide a quotation before proceeding with any chargeable repairs, a standard call out charge would always be incurred if an on-site visit were made. All faults caused by computer viruses are excluded and all work done to identify this situation is chargeable at the standard call out rate. Any work done to rectify this situation would be chargeable and quoted for.

  7. Customer Data
    Barry Bennett Ltd will use its best endeavours to carry out our obligations hereunder as speedily as possible, but will not be responsible for any loss, costs or expenses arising directly or indirectly from any details in so doing. IMPORTANT in the area of computer use it is VITAL that the user takes backup copies of all data i.e. on CDROM, flash drives and online storage etc. During the servicing of a computer it may be necessary to adopt certain procedures which will result in the loss of data; returning the system to its pre-delivery state, the engineer will always proceed with the assumption that all data has been saved.

  8. Agreement Limitations
    If, owing to the non-availability of spare parts or replacements or any other cause beyond the control of Barry Bennett Ltd, we shall be unable to carry out our obligations hereunder, we shall be entitled to determine this Agreement forthwith by giving notice in writing to the customer to the effect, and Barry Bennett Ltd's liability shall be limited to the return of the pro-rate unexpired portion of the premium paid, calculated daily.

  9. Component Limitations
    Consumable parts, i.e. parts that require replacement during the normal course of the products usage, including without limitation, notebook batteries. Components not critical to product function (e.g.: hinges, doors, cosmetic features, frames) may not be covered in this agreement.

  10. Authorised Repairs
    It is a condition of this Agreement that no repair, modification or upgrade shall be undertaken by any person or persons not authorised by Barry Bennett Ltd. Unauthorised repairs or modifications would render the warranty invalid.

  11. Agreement Transfer
    The Customer without the consent of Barry Bennett Ltd shall not assign this Agreement.

  12. Charges
    The prices charged for this On Site Warranty Agreement do not include the cost of major overhaul. Such work will be quoted for, and work will be commenced when the quotation is accepted.

  13. Provision of Loan Equipment
    Loan equipment will be provided to the customer when we have deemed it necessary to remove any items supplied by us to be repaired or replaced. The equipment supplied will be of a sufficient standard so as the customer will be able to use all software and equipment originally supplied by Barry Bennett Ltd.