DSA approved software, hardware & ergonomic equipment

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DSA approved software, hardware & ergonomic equipment

Please use the navigation boxes below to browse our range of assistive technology hardware and software by category.

Text to speech software

Reads hand typed text and scanned documents and then speaks them back to the user. Often the software can then create an audio book which helps users to read better anywhere - even on the move. This audio book can then be transferred to a mobile device or laptop.

Speech dictation software

Speech dictation has two formats. The first enables users to dictate their work and then automatically types the spoken words into a digital document on the screen. The second helps navigate around the user's computer using your spoken voice to surf the net, access documents, open folders, open and shut applications etc.

Notetaking software

Designed to record lectures giving the user the ability to play back the recording, add bookmarked notes, import presentations and add images. This can then be used to re-live the experience of the lecture and develop any necessary work from that point.

Mental Health software

Within this software selection we have several products to assist users with positive mental health and wellbeing strategies throughout their student journey.

Task planning / coping strategy software

Within this software selection we have several products to assist users with day-to-day, weekly, monthly and also yearly task planning. Provides additional assistance for students who require one-to-one human support.

Mind mapping software

Designed to help users to visualise their work during the creation of documents such as essays, dissertations, presentations etc. These programmes are also used as study support and organisation tools.

Study skills software

Designed to assist users to get the most from their assistive technology software alongside carrying out their studies in the best possible academic way. To be used as an additional tool alongside assistive technology training.

Mathematics assistance software

A varied range of sotware to help with mathematics.

Typing tutors

Typing tutor software enables users to become a self-taught touch typist using the popular keyboard combinations. Include with quizzes, questions and graphical interaction to assist the learning process.

Spell checking software

Uses the standard spell checking features of word processing programmes to function, but additionally, it often includes phonetics and homophones. Versions are available with medical / pharmaceutical, veterinary, dental, bio-scientific, geographical and legal vocabularies.

Screen reading and visual assistance software

Used to navigate a computer screen using speak-back for all menus, tabs, buttons etc. including any typed text and can be useful for students for whom English is a second language. Programmes can include features such as magnification, colour correction and screen reading. Advanced products may come with braille support to assist visually impaired or blind users.

Digital voice recorders

Often used for recording lectures as a way to assist users who struggle with taking their own hand written notes. The recordings can then be transcribed into products such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Hearing assistance hardware

Featured in this section are devices to help hearing impaired students to enhance their hearing by increasing audio quality. Connects to the user's existing hearing devices with loop systems and high quality microphones.

Text support hardware

A varied range of hardware to help with reading text from scanned books through to assisting with hand written notes and recording lessons or lectures.

Ergonomic accessories

Browse our range of ergonomic accessories, designed to promote natural upper body posture and improved spinal alignment when working with computer equipment and study materials.

Ergonomic peripherals

Browse our range of ergonomically designed input devices, which help proactively reduce the symptoms of repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. For anyone with difficulty accessing a standard keyboard or mouse, there is likely to be a preferred solution in this section.

Ergonomic desks

Height adjustable workstations that can be adjusted at the touch of a button. These workstations allow users to achieve their ideal sitting position, by setting the workstation to the precise height required. Particularly beneficial for those who need to alternate between sitting and standing.

Ergonomic seating

A range of ergonomic seating offering a wide range of adjustment and enhanced postural support. For those with physical disabilities and/or musculo-skeletal disorders, we would highly recommend an individual ergonomic assessment, available free of charge by completing our online assessment request form.

VELA Chairs

As a trusted and well-established VELA reseller, we have access to the complete range of VELA mobility and healthcare seating. Our chairs are designed to promote greater independence for all age groups, whether at home, work or in the classroom.