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Study skills software

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Aspire Study Skills

Created with students in mind, the Study Skills range from Barry Bennett will motivate, inspire and guide students through their studies. Easy to use, the tools and resources to help users plan work, improve skills and boost confidence.

The Barry Bennett Aspire Study Skills Strategies online Training Videos for PC and Mac uses IT based active learning study skills strategies to assist students with every aspect of their academic work. It focuses on five pillars of education: Research, Composition, Note taking, Proofreading and Time Management.

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Study Skills
Aspire assists in the development of critical study skills to respond to the academic requirements of a student's chosen course.
  • Effective strategies and resources to support delivery of presentations and working in group scenarios.
  • Ability to guide and prioritise the most suitable resources for each student based upon their preferred learning style.
  • Built-in Harvard, Oxford and Vancouver style reference generators assist with academic writing.
  • Blended learning strategies combine assistive technologies with study skills, for example, engaging mind mapping software to enhance essay techniques.
  • Interactive content which adapts through student use enabling personalised recommendations that target specific needs and maximise learning potential
Assistive Technologies & Software
Aspire can help with the use of recommended assistive technology and software systems to maximise students' learning potential and outcomes.
  • Reduces the potential for knowledge loss over time as the videos are available for unlimited reviews thus creating a great follow on from assistive technology training.
  • Videos play in sequential order to enable a seamless learning experience for students.
  • All AT training videos are produced by leading software manufacturers.
  • Catalogue of short succinct videos with editable captioning and clear voice descriptions relating to study tasks that the student may need to use their software for.
  • Users only see relevant content based on their selections during set-up, avoiding confusion around other technology not relevant to themselves.
Mental Health & Wellbeing
Aspire helps management and maintenance of positive mental health and wellbeing strategies throughout their student journey, which evidence shows is critical to student attainment.
  • Interactive tools provide tailored institutional information such as events and signposting.
  • Information on additional local support networks, such as GPs, dentists, local parks, self-help groups and a useful interactive stress test.
  • Transition advice and guidance for students settling into their studies to reduce anxiety and manage stress.
  • Self-help and condition management resources designed to maximise student’s potential to positively maintain their mental health and wellbeing.
  • Safe space for students to explore their concerns and get advice and further sign posting on mental health and wellbeing issues.
Career-Related Learning
Aspire helps in gaining relevant career related learning opportunities and employability skills as they progress along their student journey towards graduation to maximise their graduate outcome potential.
  • Video catalogue demonstrating interview techniques and examples of scenarios such as one-to-one or group interviews.
  • Disability disclosure advice with tips on how or when to disclose, including video interviews of positive success stories to encourage students as they transition into the workplace.
  • CV building tool.
  • Tips for creating well written and successful applications along with engaging presentations.
  • Social media clean-up advice to ensure a positive impression for any potential employers.

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Smart time management, specialist study advice and mental health support for students who think and learn differently.

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Designed for students who think and learn differently
Having enough time is something we can all find difficult. But for students who also struggle with concentration, processing speed, memory, feeling overwhelmed or not knowing how to get started, time can become a big problem.

After years of working with students who struggled to manage their time effectively, we made Booost to help.

Booost helps students:
  • Keep track of everything they have to do and everywhere they need to go
  • Prioritise what is important and break down what is overwhelming
  • Build good study habits and establish healthy routines
  • Access a library of expertly written study and wellbeing advice
  • Get specialist 24/7 mental health support
Much more than just another calendar or tasks app
Booost does all the things you would expect – add events and tasks, set reminders and never miss a deadline – but the power of Booost is in what happens next...

Get help whenever you need it. Use checklists to break down tasks, expert study and wellbeing guides for extra help, or contact friends and family, or the SHOUT 85258 24/7 mental health support service.

Booost your day to see when to get things done and which tasks are most important. Add routines to build good habits, and reflect on each day to track how you’re doing.

Add everything you have to do and everywhere you have to go to. Import your timetable. Add notes, due dates, locations and notifications. Tell Booost when you work most productively.

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FindMyFlow enables students to develop a customised learning path, based on their skills and needs, so whether used alone or in conjunction with one-to-one training, you can be secure in the knowledge you can recap, reinforce and develop your skills at any time along your academic journey.

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A joined-up approach

At FindMyFlow, we believe that support should be course-long, and that support needs will change over the course of each term and year, and that’s why FindMyFlow is there 24/7.

Quick dip or dive deeper

Whether you need a quick refresh of the essentials, or the opportunity to fully explore the amazing AT resources at your disposal, FindMyFlow has got you covered.

Our Essentials modules enable you to quickly recap on a feature, or you can fully explore your AT through our guided flows: Lectures, Reading and Research, Essay Writing or Presentations.

Encouraging self-development

Reflective Practice is the foundation of personal development; it makes meaning from experience and transforms insights into practical strategies for personal growth and development.

That’s why FindMyFlow helps you build the skills to embrace reflective practice and gain insights that help you better understand how to study your way.

A platform for everyone

When it comes to accessibility, the team at FindMyFlow believe that our resource should be open to all. This includes full keyboard accessibility, subtitles and transcripts, as well as a palette of background colours recommended by the Irlen Institute. You can also pick custom colours and increase the text size.

Supporting your recommendations
FindMyFlow combines Study Skills and AT to optimise Assessors recommendations. This ensures that students get the most from their specialist equipment and develop strategies and practices that work for them.

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Learning Labs

e-Learning for education and the workplace covering mental wellbeing, assistive technology, accessibility, study skills, career skills and more. Interactive digital tutorials cover you need for inclusive support from assistive technology, accessibility software, mental wellbeing and more.

Neuroscience-based design.
We understand how the brain thinks, feels and learns.

Personalised to suit you.
Tailor your content and access any time, any place, on demand.

Empowering the best you.
Unlock awareness of your own mental wellbeing and access tools to help you achieve more.

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iView Hub

The iView Hub allows users to access all iView programmes and resources in one place. From iView Learning to iView Health & Mindfulness, the Hub enables you to easily locate the support you need.

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iView Learning
iView Learning covers a wide range of Assistive Technology, with new content being added all the time. Covering all of the popular assistive software programs such as text-to-speech, voice recognition, mind mapping, notetaking and more!

iView Health & Mindfulness
iView Health & Mindfulness has been developed to support individuals to achieve optimum wellbeing, through personalised goal setting informed by analytics of daily habits and health monitoring. This new system consists of the iView Watch, the iView Health & Wellbeing App, iView Analytics and iView Chat.