Notetaking software

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Notetaking software

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Not getting the most from class? Only a third of students think they get value from lectures. And no wonder!

The volume and speed of the information is overwhelming so it’s harder to take effective notes and learn.

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Three reasons note taking hasn’t worked for you yet

It’s distracting during class
You can either try and capture information in notes or actively listen and engage in discussion.

It’s a process, not an outcome
The act of taking notes helps you to learn, so using class or peer notes affects understanding.

The medium doesn't work for you
We mostly study and teach with text, but spoken information might resonate more.

Glean is the antidote to information overload
Our proven four-step process empowers you to extract all the value you need from class so you can be more confident in what you’re learning.

In-class or online, recording is the foundation of your Glean notes.

Lightning Mode
Stay focused on class while marking the key moments that matter to you.

Instantly screenshot online classes to capture additional information not included in the slides.

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Sonocent Audio Notetaker
Improve the quality of your recording with our powerful audio enhancement tools.

Alter the pitch and speed of your recording to make speech more accessible.

Cut down the noise by extracting only the most important sections.

Sonocent integrates with other accessible tools, like Dragon NaturallySpeaking, to help you make the most of recordings.

Convert your notes into a range of accessible formats to be used outside of Audio Notetaker as study tools.

Automatically sync your text notes with the audio so you can go back to the spark of your idea.

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  • Capture audio, text and slides in a single note-taking workspace.
  • Organise and categorise note sets so you can easily return to them.
  • Turn your notes into a variety of formats to suit your learning style.
  • Improve audio quality and extract only what's useful.
  • Enrich notes with drawings, scribbles and photos - perfect for graphs, equations and diagrams.
  • Upload your notes to the software to review and then engage with the new information.