Ergonomic Seating

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Ergonomic Seating

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RH Logic 200 - 220

The way we work depends on who we are, what we do and when we do it. But one thing that unites us is the need for wellbeing during long hours by the desk. The new and improved RH Logic is a natural choice for lasting individual comfort.

By adjusting smoothly to your body and providing crucial support and relief, it helps you stay focused on getting things done – no matter who you are, what you do or when you do it.

The seat
The seat has rounded front and waterfall edge to reduce pressure on thighs. The depth of the seat can be adjusted separately.

Sculptured shape
Sculptured shape provides comfort, keeps the back upright and gives support in any position. The pronounced “Tvedt cushion” encourages movement, upright position and open posture.

An image of the RH Logic 200 - 220 Chair
Separately adjustable
Separately adjustable backrest angle for support in any position. Defined support for the lower back and with inflatable lumbar pump as standard.

Pictograms on all handles and levers make the chair easy to use, easy to understand. The controls can be accessed even when seated.

Comfort layer
Comfort layer as standard gives increased comfort feel.

Frictional tilt
Frictional tilt mechanism follows your every movement, easily lockable in any chosen position. The tilt resistance is quickly adjustable from 40 kg – 150 kg in 7 turns.

Armrests are optional and adjustable (height, width, depth and turnable) The optional neck rest can be adjusted in height and depth.

Easily interchangable
Easily interchangable seat and back that can be clicked on and off.


Tilt mechanism Infinitely adjustable and can be locked in any chosen position. We recommend to work with the tilt open to encourage active seating. Separately adjustable backrest angle for support in any position.
Seat depth with seat slide 400-499 mm (seatslide 100 mm incl. 20 mm in the back)
Seat width/depth 442 mm / 477 mm
Seat height/width: (standard gas stem) 406-550 mm
Back height/width 620 mm/433 mm
Footbase black lacquered aluminium, Ø680 mm and castors for carpeted floors (Ø65 mm)
Plastic colour Black
Lumbar pump Lumbar pump is standard

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Nomique Everest

The ergonomic task chair. Wellbeing in the workplace is vital for maximising organisational performance. The Everest ergonomic chair range has been designed to address the daily physiological problems experienced by office workers.

Facilitates a dynamic seating position
Everest’s functionality and abundance of standard features are combined with sleek aesthetics to enable an ergonomic yet stylish solution.

Relieves pressure so you can sit happy
The seat is the most important part of any chair. Everest’s specially designed seat ensures an optimal pressure distribution, reducing the pressure load on the seat surface and maximising support for the user

The innovative design of the integral coccyx cut out and contoured seat decreases the liklihood of developing problems with the circulatory system and causes less or no pain to the tail bone, the sitting bones and soft tissue.

An image of the Nomique Everest Chair
Nomique Everest features
  • Large seat & small seats with integral coccyx cut out
  • Weight activated synchronised mechanism
  • Integral seat slide
  • Fine tension adjustment
  • 5 degree forward seat tilt
  • 4 position tilt lock
  • Additional 13 degree back angle adjustment
  • 2D arms, 4D arms & multi-functional arm option
  • Black nylon, black aluminium or polished aluminium base
  • 65mm hard wheel castor

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HÅG Capisco 8106

The HÅG Capisco 8106 is the classic bestseller model. The saddle seat can be adjusted between low and high working positions, all the way up to a standing position, enabling you to be more dynamic in your movements while still sitting in a balanced position.

We recommend the optional 265 mm lift if you want to work with a desk in a high position.

HÅG Capisco 8106 specification
  • HÅG in Balance® (balanced, flowing tilt function)
  • Adjustable tilt tension backwards
  • Seat height adjustment
  • Seat depth adjustment
  • Back height adjustment
  • Lockable seat
  • Suitable for all working surfaces with table height of 72 cm and higher
  • Five star footbase.
An image of the HÅG Capisco 8106 Chair

Ergo-Activ Posture chair

The Ergo-Activ Posture chair boasts one of the most intuitive mechanisms on the market. With three easy-to use pictorial controls on the right-hand side operating seat height, seat depth and advanced dynamic movement, the mechanism can also be locked at any angle. This works like a knee tilt mechanism with the first articulation at the underside of the thighs and the second point under your sitting bones (ischial tuberosities), delivering constant support in active mode and reducing the pressure on the underside of the user’s thighs.

The extendable direct tension control adjusts the resistance of the chair to comfortably balance users weighing from 8 to 23.5 stone.

The chair's split back is designed to deliver independent upper back support as well as ensuring the patented lumbar system protects the lower regions – keeping the user's pelvis rotated.

The back can easily be height adjusted for each user's anthropometic measurements by releasing two buttons on the back of the chair.

The 4D multifunctional arms incorporate three buttons to increase armrest length, width and height which can be locked in position. The angle of the armpads can also be adjusted to suit.

An image of the Ergo-Activ Posture chair
Ergo-Activ Posture chair features
  • Thoracic Support (upper back & shoulders)
  • Floating lumbar and pelvic supporting lower back
  • Locking height-adjustable aluminium back
  • Direct tension control
  • Dual-pivot mechanism
  • Waterfall seat for behind the knee comfort
  • Fully adjustable 4D arms
  • Optional adjustable headrests
  • Optional Integrated footrest
  • Pictorial buttons – simple and easy to adjust
  • Optional coathanger

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Adapt 200

The Petite Adapt Chair
Adapts ‘petite’ offering, the adapt 200 chair offers superb ergonomics for smaller, lighter users who are often not very well catered for in the general ergonomic chair market.
Whether for smaller adults, teens or children, the adapt 200 is the perfect solution with a wide range of adaptations which you can select using our easiSpec system.

Adapt 200 specification
  • Weight - 35kg - 100kg
  • Height - 1.2m - 2.1m
  • Width: Min 270 mm / Max 480 mm
  • Depth: Min 330 mm / Max 440 mm
  • Width: Min 270 mm / Max 460 mm
  • Depth: Min 370 mm / Max 690 mm
An image of the Adapt 200

Adapt logo

Adapt 500

The entry level Adapt chair
The Adapt 500 range is our entry level to the world of adapt. Available with a large number of adaptations, the Adapt 500 range is specified using our easiSpec system.

Adapt 500 specification
  • Weight - 45kg - 150kg
  • Height - 1.5m - 2.1m
  • Width: Min 410 mm - Max 610 mm
  • Depth: Min 410 mm - Max 610 mm
  • Width: 420 mm - 465 mm
  • Depth: Min 420 mm - 650 mm
An image of the Adapt 500

Adapt logo

Adapt 600

Unlimited adaptability and customisation
The Adapt 600 offers limitless customisation the range is also where you need to be if you are looking for bespoke adaptations with four backrest and three seat templates to start from.

Adapt 600 specification
  • Weight - 45kg - 150kg
  • Height - 1.5m - 2.2m
  • Width: Min 410 mm - Max 610 mm
  • Depth: Min 340 mm - Max 610 mm
  • Width: 410 mm - 510 mm
  • Depth: Min 350 mm - 670 mm
An image of the Adapt 600

Adapt logo

Adapt 700

The bariatric Adapt chair
Adapt 700 chair offers the perfect heavy-duty solution for larger users. With a multi-layered foam construct seat, specifically designed for larger users, a heavy duty mechanism and metalwork componentry and an inflatable lumbar support as standard, the Adapt 700 also offers a good range of adaptations.

Adapt 700 specification
  • Weight - 150kg - 250kg
  • Height - 1.5m - 2.2m
  • Width: 620 mm
  • Depth: Min 420mm / Max 570 mm
  • Width: 560 mm
  • Depth: Min 450mm / Max 660mm
An image of the Adapt 700