Digital voice recorders

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Digital voice recorders

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Olympus DM-770

Made for unconditional support, the DM-770 provides fully‑fledged professional features for blind touch use. The enhanced Voice Guidance in seven languages (EN, FR, DE, ES, IT, RU and SV) in combination with Distinctive Button Contours provides the operation by touch alone. As the predecessor DM-670 before, the DM-770 includes the TRESMIC System for superb stereo recordings. The two stereo microphones are supported by one omnidirectional microphone this combination of mics means that recordings particularly those of the human voice are even more balanced and lifelike to capture. To ensure, that every lecture is recorded in minute detail.

An image of the Olympus DM-770

Attentive Listener
Attentive Listener, with the integrated TRESMIC System and MP3 or PCM format recordings

Milestone Marker
Milestone Marker, to record in every detail with up to 200 index marks

Flexible Accompanist
Flexible Accompanist, with direct‑USB connection, standardized NiMH battery, microSD slot and internal memory recordings are accessible every time
Light Weight
Light Weight, with 40 % less weight than the bestseller smartphones in 2015

Well resourced recorder
Well resourced recorder, bundled with the SONORITY Software incl. AUDIO NOTEBOOK PlugIn, a STRAP and a Carrying CASE

Supporter of blind
Supporter of blind touch use, with Advanced Voice Guidance and Distinctive Button Contours

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The pen that fits into your day like a cup of coffee. With you always, but lasting longer and doing so much more. From taking notes in your meetings, to the idea that came on the way to the next. Mix your writing and audio together to relive that moment of inspiration, using just your pen. Save time, the pen makes your handwriting searchable giving your more time to brew another cup.

  • Transcribe your notes in 27+ languages.
  • Auto sync your notes to your favourite cloud services.
  • Store up to 1200 A4 pages on our pen before you need to sync.
  • Our pens give you access to our Livescribe+ application that syncs to your pen and opens the doors for your handwriting to go everywhere with you.
  • Access to our free Livescribe+ app.
  • 90 day standby battery life.
An image of the Symphony Smartpen