Mathematics assistance software

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Mathematics assistance software

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EquatIO allows you to create equations, formulas, and more, digitally. Helping to make maths and STEM classes more accessible and engaging for every learner. EquatIO gives students the opportunity to show their mastery in maths, in a way that best suits them. They can speak, draw or type problems and equations directly onto their device.

EquatIO helps to bring maths out of the pen and paper era. By moving to digital maths instruction, EquatIO makes maths more accessible. Students with learning difficulties or visual impairments can hear their maths read aloud to them.

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Accurate on-screen

EquatIO instantly understands what students are typing or handwriting, turning expressions into clear, accurate on-screen formulas

Intuitive prediction

Intuitive prediction speeds up accurate entry of simple and more complex maths expressions

Saves time and effort

Saves time and effort with no tricky mathematical languages or coding to learn

Read aloud

Coupled with Read&Write, students can hear all their equations read aloud to them