Assessments for hearing/visual impaired students

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Assessments for hearing/visual impaired students

Our team of hearing impairment specialists provide this service on behalf of needs assessment centres throughout the UK, working closely with universities, DSA assessors and audiologists.

Our experience in this field shows that students will experience many barriers to learning, even with access to enabling technologies. These include issues with interference, reverberation and background noise. An assessment with one of our specialists, coupled with the required training, will ensure that the student will hit the ground running and attain the best possible learning experience, along with greater confidence to participate fully.

We are experienced in technologies including: Conversor, Comfort Audio (inc. DIGI SYSTEM), Roger products, BAHA, hearing aid direct input and many more.

The assessment
After the initial referral is submitted on our website, one of our team will make contact with the individual and offer an appointment within 1 week.

On the day of the appointment, one of our hearing experts will meet with the student, either at home or at university to allow trial of the technology and ensure compatibility with existing hearing instruments.

Many of our students prefer to try the equipment in a live learning environment and we would actively encourage this if it fits with their schedule. This is the ideal way to evaluate the potential benefits and ensure that the equipment meets their needs in an educational setting.

We will then demonstrate a range of different solutions that our assessor deems appropriate in relation to the hearing loss and their existing equipment. Should DSA assessors require specific solutions to be demonstrated, then we would ask that you specify this on our online referral.

We often refer our customers back to their audiologist prior to our assessment with them, normally if we require their hearing aids to be programmed. The programming of the hearing aid is required before any of the assistive technology can connect successfully with hearing aid e.g. on The FM or T-Coil programme. Although this will result in a short delay to the assessment, we feel it will ultimately benefit the student by giving them an opportunity to trial equipment and ensuring they have a working solution before they embark on their studies.

Follow up
Our assessor will complete a detailed report which will include the background information in relation to medical evidence, diagnosis and current issues surrounding their learning. We will also provide information on the additional challenges faced by hearing impaired learners moving into higher education, with a specific focus on how the learning is likely delivered on each course of study.

We will detail which products have been demonstrated and describe the full solution with product images in the report. Here we will provide the essential justification as to why each component has been recommended in relation to the learning environment and the student's hearing loss.

Once the report is complete, we will create a quotation for the required specialist equipment, including the necessary warranty and maintenance contract for the required duration of the course. Also included in our quotation you will see that we always recommend one to one training with one of our hearing specialist trainers.

Try our simply, hassle-free system for yourself - we're certain you won't be disappointed.

  1. Request an assessment using our simple assessment request form
  2. Complete the form with your student's details and submit
  3. We will then contact the student to book the assessment (within 1 week of referral) at the student's address
  4. From the point of the assessment, a report with our findings / suggestions will be sent to you in 2-3 days