Ergonomic assessments for students

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Ergonomic assessments for students

When it comes to advising on suitable ergonomic products, we understand the impact that good ergonomic chairs and accessories can have on wellbeing and productivity, and the process of choosing the right chair for the needs of each individual student. The right chair, along with a carefully selected range of ergonomic accessories can make a huge difference.

The assessment
The assessment itself looks holistically at the student's working environment to provide additional ergonomic support where necessary.

Samples of the equipment are used during the assessment to ensure correct fitting and suitability. Our assessors will take a selection of 2-3 chairs to the appointment along with a selection of keyboards, mice and document holders etc. The type, style & features of the chair will depend on the information received in the assessment request form to ensure they are appropriate for each individual student. In addition to disability and current issues, we also take into consideration the body shape and weight of the student.

During the assessment, we will also provide the student with vital ergonomic training and encourage them to become aware of their posture.

Follow up
Following the assessment, our assessor will compile a full written report highlighting any issues identified, suitable adaptations and products to improve the workspace. The report will contain background information, current working environment issues along with images of the equipment being used and any product recommendations.

Try our simply, hassle-free system for yourself - we're certain you won't be disappointed.

  1. Request an assessment using our simple assessment request form
  2. Complete the form with your student's details and submit
  3. We will then contact the student to book the assessment (within 2 weeks of referral) at the student's address
  4. From the point of the assessment, a report with our findings / suggestions will be sent to you in 2-3 days