Supporting Leeds based charity Zarach

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Supporting Leeds based charity Zarach to achieve their vision of giving ‘Every Head a Bed’!

Zarach is a childrens’ charity with a mission to deliver beds and basics to children in poverty and supporting families in crisis to rise up from surviving to thriving so children can Eat, Sleep, and Learn.

Zarach’s vision is to partner with schools to give ‘Every Head a Bed’ and supporting families to make every house a home.

The first bed
In 2017 a primary school child being taught by our founder, Bex Wilson, said he didn’t have a bed and slept on a bed bug infested cushion on the floor. After trying and failing to source him and his siblings a bed, Bex set up Zarach to partner with schools to tackle child bed poverty.

All items in our bed bundles are brand new so we can guarantee quality and longevity. A complete Zarach Bed Bundle is worth £500 but thanks to our sponsors and donations each Bed Bundle costs just £150.

Barry Bennett / Bennett Workplace Solution’s most recent donation of £2000 will pay for thirteen more children, currently experiencing bed poverty, to receive a brand new bed bundle.

Zarach van

Zarach bed