Warranty, Support & Maintenance

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Warranty, Support & Maintenance

What is Warranty?
Warranty is a promise to repair or replace a product that develops a fault within a fixed period of time. A fault would be the manufactural breakdown of a complete item or component within that item.

Consumers are provided with such guarantees under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, additional to these statuary obligations, ATSPs provide additional coverage depending on the requested warranty period for each individual student.

Warranty can be briefly summarised as the repair and /or replacement of goods which have developed a manufactural fault.

What is Support?
Support is summarised as assistance provided to the student for all warranty claims which do not involve a fault with the item being reported. In the students first contact with an ATSP, 98% of fault reports begin as a support call. This also includes software related issues with an operating system and assistive technology provided to the student as part of their DSA Award.

Support is a widely used service provided by an ATSP and is not limited to the equipment supplied. As a continual point of contact for a student for the duration of the course, queries will arise which are outside of the ATSP scope, however we are positioned to provide information to the student and advise accordingly.

“How do I” questions make up a majority of support based questions related to the operation of the equipment supplied.

Maintenance is the ongoing maintenance of software and hardware originally provided to the student and to a degree runs alongside support.