Multiple sclerosis – testimonial and case study

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Multiple sclerosis – testimonial and case study

In July 2020, our specialist ergonomic assessor, Aaron Fox, carried out an assessment for Deborah, a student who had sought DSA funding for suitable equipment to support her studies in relation to her diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and other medical conditions.

The assessment was conducted to review the suitability of seating, a workstation and other ergonomic equipment to provide increased comfort, postural support and independence surrounding her studies.

During the assessment, it was clear that a “regular” ergonomic chair would not be ideal for Deborah’s requirements as she often found it difficult to stand up from a low sitting position. Deborah also found that chairs with castors and wheels (which move too easily) are problematic as she can be unstable on her feet when transferring. The VELA Tango chair was recommended as it is equipped with electric seat height adjustment to allow transferring at a higher position, as well as a manual handbraking system to provide the stability that was required.

VELA Tango chair

The VELA Tango chair is also equipped with all the ergonomic adjustments you would expect on a good ergonomic chair with the options to provide increased safety, mobility and independence when required. Multiple Sclerosis can be a progressive condition which can cause varied symptoms at different times, therefore, having the option for adaptations makes the VELA Tango ideal in this situation.

Testimonial – Deborah
“I was provided with the VELA Tango chair for my studies, to enable me to sit comfortably and supported while doing online lectures and studying. I have had this chair now for coming up to a year, this has proved to be highly beneficial both in my posture and comfort levels. The chair back is extremely supportive along with the seating area. The height-adjustable function proves beneficial allowing me to get up and out of the chair with ease, the controls are neat and hidden away to not make the chair appear a disabled product which is important to me. The brake system has proved beneficial as I use the chair on a hardwood floor area, previous chairs have not had the braking system, this is very easy to use with a simple movement to apply the brake and release the brake. I quite often use this chair to relax in, on an evening rather than my normal furniture as I find this more comfortable than regular furniture.”